Hello world ?

Proudly presenting my private Lego-collection.

I would be happy, If you buy some of my Lego-parts and I hope you will have fun with it.

If you have a question please feel free and drop me a line. I'll find a solution to make you satisfied.

Delivery, Shipping

I deliver to AUSTRIA, EU and many other countries. Please feel free to ask, if you have any question.

 < 3 g3 - 1.000g   1.000 - 4.000g
Austria1,99 Euro4,99 Euro7,99 Euro
EU9,50 Euro11,99 Euro13,99 Euro



This is a private Hobbyshop, no business. I quoted most of my parts as "like new", because they are never played with. Especially some white, yellow or gray parts with same original color now have differnt shades. This is a result of natural aging caused by long storage in a box. 

Please be carefully with small parts. Keep small parts away from kids under the age of three ;-)